how far into the year are we?

i have always struggled with placing months and dates on the faces on a clock, and as a result, i made this to make it easier to grasp. maybe you get it, maybe you dont. the hand moves counterclockwise, because that is how years are.. clocks go clockwise, years go counterclockwise.

just for fun, i decided to take this source and do a codegolf of it. here is the result: time (source). it's not the *exact* same, but the functionality should be the same (at least in google chrome on whatever version i'm using right now). if you want, you can do the same.

how far into the year are we?<br><svg><circle id=c cx=5 cy=5 r=5 /><line stroke=red id=s x1=5 y1=5 x2=5 y2=0><script>k=1e3;q=new Date();e=q.getFullYear();f=new Date(''+e)/k;setInterval(function(){s.setAttribute('transform','rotate(-'+(q/k-f)/(new Date(''+(e+1))/k-f)*360+' 5 5)')},k);'600%'</script>